Name Line War
Genre Multi-Genre Strategy
Developer Studio Centurion
Release Date May 5, 2022
Platforms PC
Availability Steam
Languages English
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Media Files

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Game Design & ProgrammingChristian Ulvaeus
Graphics, Animation & ProgrammingStefan Persson
Audio & MusicStefan Persson


Line War is a multiplayer Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game heavily influenced by other strategy genres including 4X, War Game, Auto Battler, and Real-Time Tactics.

The game has a never-before-seen approach that lets you focus on drawing commands and executing a strategy rather than managing individual units. It may take some getting used to since it's something totally new, but we strongly believe that it sets Line War apart from similar games.

Line War focuses on strategy. We've designed the game around the typical RTS-problems to remove the steep learning curve and need for ultra-fast micro-management so you can focus on planning and executing a strategy.


LINE WAR is being developed by a Swedish company called Studio Centurion AB. Here works two guys that came together by miracle in 2019 and who happened to possess the combined skillset required to develop a game of LINE WAR's magnitude. Christian and Stefan have the vision, ambition, dedication and endurence to make this game a reality!


Interview Request & Game Copy

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